Igreja Reformada do Grande Recife - Beberibe

About Beberibe

Beberibe is a municipality in the state of Ceará in Brazil. Its estimated population in 2020 is 53,949.

The municipality was created on June 5, 1892, and incorporated July 18, 1892. The name ‘Beberibe’ means “where the sugar cane grows”.

The headquarters of the municipality are located in the town of Beberibe, which is situated about 80 km SE of Fortaleza, the state capital of Ceará.

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Where we are located

  • Our church is located in
  • Population of 53,949

About the area:

46,155 in city ? 

53,949 total (wikipedia)

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Maragogi has a typical tropical climate, with warm to hot temperatures and high relative humidity all throughout the year. However, these conditions are relieved by a near absence of extreme temperatures and trade winds blowing from the ocean. January is the warmest month, with mean maxima of 31 °C and minima of 22 °C and more sun; July experiences the coolest temperatures, with means of 26 °C and 17 °C and more rain.

Attractions / things to do:

Beberibe is situated 85 km east away from Fortaleza and has 54 km of beaches, occupies place of prominence in the world-wide scene, with its exotic beaches, its green seas contrasted with the crystalline water sources, colorful water dunes, cliffs, lagoons candy, coqueirais, sands and much sun all the year. For all this natural beauty, the city already is receiving great investments in the tourist sector. Its beaches in prominence are Morro Branco, Fontes, Diogo and Uruaú.

Our History

Our early beginnings…Beberibe congregation of Recife is a result of joining the two smaller congregations of Aguazinha and Dois Unidos.

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