Our Partners

Our Partners

Image: Florianopolis, Brazil: Fishermen helping each other to move a boat at Ingleses beach in the mullet season

The work of the Aldergrove Brazil Mission Society intersects with and is supported by various partners in Canada and Brazil. Check out the links below to learn about various initiatives with which we work alongside as partners in promoting the gospel and the growth of churches of our Lord Jesus Christ in Brazil.

Canadian Reformed Missions Association

The CRMA was formed to provide a place where we can help one another develop our talents, improve our efforts, and share what we have learned. We provide advice, share information, and hold yearly conferences with experienced speakers to provide a place of collaboration and learning. You can also check out our links page which has some helpful resources.

Centro De Literatura Reformada (CLIRE)

the Centro De Literatura Reformada (CLIRE) (Centre for Reformed Literature) is a non-profit organization that seeks to strengthen pastors and leaders of the Portuguese-speaking churches by helping them to (re)discover the Reformed faith, and especially the doctrines of grace. We provide resources on Christian Life, Theology, Children, and we offer weekly lectures. Check us out on Facebook, on our website and visit our store.

International Reformed Theological College

The International Reformed Theological College (IRTC), known in Portuguese as the Faculdade Internacional de Teologia Reformada (FitRef), is a Portuguese language internet college. We teach theology and general studies in conformity with the biblical teaching expressed in the Reformed faith. We serve the world's 250+ million Portuguese-speaking people. We provide internationally recognized distance education over the internet.

Revista Diakonia (Diakonia Magazine)

The Revista Diakonia supports the objective of João Calvino Institute, to train ministers, elders and deacons of the churches of Christ. Diakonia Magazine is a digital magazine of monthly publications. We aim to contribute to the building of the federation of the Reformed Churches of Brazil as well as to the planting, revitalization or reform of churches that are interested in the Reformed doctrine and practice. ã

Gospel Action (Hamilton Mission Board)

We are a group of Reformed churches in Southern Ontario, supporting an ongoing mission project in Northern Brazil. Our intent is to institute Reformed Churches in Brazil. We help to establish Christian community projects and we support a Christian elementary school in Maceió. We support a missionary who teaches and preaches in Village Campestre, Maceió, and translates Reformed Christian literature for the local churches.