Bursary Project

the Bursary Project


The “Bursary Project” is supported by the Aldergrove Mission Board with the purpose of helping in the growth and development of members of the Igrejas Reformadas do Brasil (IRB). The focus of this project is to help brothers and sisters within the IRB who wish to continue their studies, whether in a college or professional trades school. Those who wish to use this project must follow specific guidelines. They must meet certain criteria to qualify and must follow a process to make a request, which will be reviewed and evaluated by the Mission Aid Committee. The Bursary Project may pay up to 50% of the cost of enrollment, tuition and material for the course.
It is expected that during the course of studies, those receiving support will provide brief reports describing their progress. At the completion of the course, the recipient is asked to provide a final report summarizing his/her studies and sharing how  the education will be applied. 

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Following are some letters from past bursary recipients, providing a report on how they used the funds, and expressing appreciation.

Through this, I express my gratitude for the support and trust that MAB is providing me to help in the formation of my professional career, I am grateful first to God and secondly to MAB, because I have 80% completion of course. Where soon I will be able to exercise nursing care to help others in their illnesses. So finally, being able to honor and glorify the name God in my work environment.

The course is great. I feel more and more that this was the calling given by the Lord to me. During one year I learned how important is the care for people, and that in fact this is not something for which any person is able to do. I am very pleased and grateful to the Lord for allowing me and for awakening this desire in me to care, to want to serve as a professional in the health sector. May it be in Christ’s church, or in my family, and for all those who the Lord will allow, be it in a hospital, in a small clinic, wherever the Lord wants me to serve or go, so that I can glorify his name.

In all the classes that I had so far I learned a lot. There were also tears and insecurity about whether I would manage, but always trusting and believing that the Lord is always strengthening me, and guiding me on this journey. These have been unique moments, each contact, and experience, which always make me direct my eyes to the heavens and see the great mercy of our God, all the wisdom, the awakening of my intellect, all makes me look to Christ.

I always pray to the Lord, thankful for this opportunity. In fact, I feel that it is a great privilege. Doing what I am doing and what I will do when I finish the course, all for the Lord. Even with so many struggles, and knowing that I am a sinner. Grateful I am for the amount of help I receive by means of these funds which are received every month. Praise be to God, for such goodness.


It is with great joy that I am acquiring knowledge in the area of health and pedagogy because I plan on becoming a teacher in the future when I finish my bachelors degree and begin my licensure and then to take another course in physiotherapy. Due to the pandemic I am having classes remotely, but the tuition payments remain the same amount. I am in the 7th semester, taking the following classes: sports legislation, entrepreneurship, leisure and recreation, technological resources, geriatric health and physical activities, physical training and my end of term paper.

With the help from you brothers and sisters I am able to balance my educational support in the area that I chose as a profession. I thank my beloved brothers and sisters, who, amidst the difficulties, continue helping me and my family so that I am able to finish my course. My help comes from the Lord, who made the heavens and the earth.